The MiWi (Advanced Middleware and Web-based UI) project promoting the web browser as an interoperable platform for 3D Internet services is one and a half years project (2013/05-2014/12) funded by EU FP7.
The MiWi project is a sub-project of a large FI-WARE project developing a core technology platform for the EU to ease the creation of innovative applications. The ultimate goal of the FI-WARE project is to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem engaging entrepreneurs, application sponsors and platform providers.

Research objectives

In the MiWi project, CIE is primarily focusing on
  • defining new W3C standards for presenting point-of-interest (POI) objects
  • developing a high-level service to applications that implement typical augmented reality (AR) functionality
  • defining the overall architecture for the advanced middleware and the web UI architecture

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