6Aika - Open Innovation Platform of Six City Strategy

The Six City Strategy – Open and smart services is a strategy for sustainable urban development carried out by the six largest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. The main objective of the strategy, which will be carried out in 2014–2020, is to create new know-how, business and jobs in Finland. The strategy is a part of the implementation of Finland’s structural fund program for sustainable growth and jobs 2014–2020. The additional objectives of the Six City Strategy is to improve the services offered by cities, increase the competitiveness of businesses and enable more widespread participation in development work. City services are developed based on three focus areas: open innovation platforms, open data and interfaces, and open participation. The central idea is to view cities as platforms, whose operations and services should be developed in ways that also allow easier participation by third parties. Cooperation becomes easier as cities open up their processes and data, and produce tools and operating models that facilitate joint development.
Open Innovation platforms are functional elements in city community that are creating basis for new solution creation and from there enables new business creation. Open innovation platform consists of infrastructure, physical and virtual elements, productized processes and members of communities to form a strong value added environment. Open Innovation platforms – focus area is implementing the Six City Strategy and the targets set for open innovation platforms theme. The primary target of the open innovation platform -focus area is to improve the Finland’s national competiveness by building a strong network of the open innovation platforms by six biggest cities in Finland. By building the national network of open innovation platforms, driving new competence development, business and jobs creation will become more efficient. Utilizing the wide variety of knowledge and specialization in different cities the best practices and concepts will be collected to form excellent basis for new type of city business modeling (Smart Market Creation).

Research objectives

CIE's objective in 6Aika project is to further develop OULLabs open innovation platform into a City Living Lab environment where cities as well as companies can involve users in their R&D activities in cost-efficient and convenient way. In 6Aika project digital tools for improving user involvement as a part of development process of companies and organizations are studied.
As a result the 6Aika project will provide companies and organizations an agile and cost-efficient innovation environment, which supports the entire innovation process from ideation into testing. The environmental activates innovation operations of companies and cities, helps to identify the business opportunities and supports new product and service innovation implementation. The City Living Lab enables citizen participation in local and national level.

More information

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