Future Internet Challenge eHealth (FICHe) is a Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support action co-funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme. The project partners are the University of Oulu, Business Oulu, TIC BioMed, FFIS de la region de Murcia, TNO, the Amsterdam Economic Board, Stichting zorgInc., Dutch eHealth Fund Management BV and Stichting of Oulu / CIE coordinates the project.

Research objectives

FICHe is a challenge for SMEs and startups in Europe developing innovative ICT applications for the e-Health market building upon the FIWARE technology, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms (, combined with actual user needs and business development, targeting the public and private sectors as well as consumers. FICHe will provide SMEs or startups with direct funding, technical training, business coaching and co-creation with end users.Total of 6,24 million euros are given to companies in the FICHe challenge for application development.

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