BRIIF - Public Procurement Bridging International Forerunners is a two-year project funded by Tekes, assisting the development of new procurement practices and processes and contract models for the cooperation between cities, suppliers and end-customers. Participants of the project are Oulu Business School, CIE, Martti Ahtisaari Institute and the University of Lapland, Faculty of Law. Project time frame is 10/2014-9/2016.

Research objectives

The project aims to generate knowledge on value co-creation in a triad of public procurers, suppliers and end-customers. The triad is examined from strategic management, marketing and business network viewpoints paying particular attention to the legal and technological considerations. Using the cities as research laboratories the aim is to support the development of practices that facilitate pioneering in public procurement. CIE's role in the BRIIF project is related to the use of existing virtual learning environments, virtual 3D space CAVE and PATIO platform for citizen engagement and data collection in intervention cases.

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