CONVINcE (Consumption Optimization in Video Networks) is an EU Celtic Plus research project that addresses the challenge of reducing power consumption of IP-based video networking with an end-to-end approach. The project time span is 09/2014-02/2017. The Finnish consortium, including VTT, University of Oulu, Ericsson, Teleste, and EXFO, is funded by the Finnish national funding agency (Tekes).
In the CONVINcE project, the power consumption characteristics of IP-based video networking are studied and optimized along the media path from the Head End, where content is encoded, to the terminals, where the content is consumed, embracing the CDN and the core access networks between them. The effort will concentrate on architectures, hardware and software design, protocols and basic technologies in the devices. In parallel to these activities, the project will run transversal activities on “Software best practices & Eco-design” and “Power & QoE measurements”.

Research objectives

In the CONVINcE project, CIE primarily focuses on
  • Studying and optimizing the energy-efficiency of multimedia sensing and delivery mechanisms in constrained devices and networks, such as wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs)
  • Studying the analysis tools and algorithms for estimating power consumption in different application scenarios containing video transfers
  • Disseminating the results through scientific publications and influencing in the IETF

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