The reaxity (Future city as open mixed reality space) project exploring the mixed reality space of a future city is one and a half years (2013/1-2014/10) research project. This small strategic opening is funded by the Finnish national funding agency (Tekes).
The reaxity project is built upon existing competence and infrastructure of partner network that enables rapid progress. Our approach provides a unique, extensive and open mixed reality space that enables fast start for multidisciplinary research and development.

Research objectives

As an outcome, the project will produce a roadmap for the future city as an open mixed reality space.
  • roadmap of technologies and competencies: the project will identify the future research challenges and needed competences,
  • roadmap of future product and service concepts in selected application domains: the project will identify the type of services and create example service concepts with tentative business models,
  • roadmap of user driven innovation: the project will identify methodologies for user participation in the development of future competence, technology and service concepts of mixed reality.

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