Digital Health Revolution

Digital Health Revolution is one and a half years (8/2014-1/2016) research program. This large scale strategic research opening is funded by the Finnish national funding agency (Tekes).
The program focuses on the scientific, economic, ethical, societal, legal and political aspects of personal health data in order to increase individual health capability, related business and societal aims. The program builds on the vision, where the different data sources of the personal digital footprint can be utilized for creating holistic and adaptive personalized health services.
CIE is leading the work package that is responsible for the user research, user interface design, and service design aspects in the program.

Research objectives

The aim is to develop a novel ecosystem of connected digital health services for promoting precision health care and well-being. The focus is on individualized predictive and preventive health care that is based on detailed real-time monitoring, integration and feedback of health-related behavior, life-style, environment and disease risk information to the individuals.

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