The SILC (School Innovation and Learning Center) project exploring the use of ICT to enhance learning and education is three and half years project (2011/5-2015/02) funded by ELY center in Finland. The project has four pilot sites: high school of Karjasilta, high school of Konnevesi, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and HAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Research objectives

The SILC project focuses on developing a 3D virtual learning and education environment for the upper secondary education. The 3D virtual environment is created using realXtend platform. In addition, a model is developed that facilitates the adoption of the upcoming educational tools and methods in the upper secondary education.
In the SILC project, CIE acts as an academic leader in the Immersive Education Europe division, of which goal is to contribute to the knowledge sharing about immersive virtual environments and studying experiences gained in these environments.

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