The CADIST3D (A cross-platform framework for adaptive 3D data distribution using Web and P2P technologies) project exploring the communication aspects of 3D Internet services is a three year (2013/9-2016/11) research project. This post-doctoral project is funded by the academy of Finland.

Research objectives

The goal of the CADIST3D project is to develop a cross-platform framework for adaptive 3D content distribution using P2P and Web technologies.
  • the scalability and the bandwidth usage of the 3D content distribution are improved using P2P technologies, whereas the web browser is used as a development platform to avoid the requirement for installing standalone client software,
  • the adaptiveness of the 3D content distribution is improved by using methods that modify the actual 3D content according to the heterogeneous capabilities of the receiving devices.
Although a great deal of research has already been conducted within these research areas, this work will focus on the collaborative aspects which are necessary to deliver the future web-based 3D services.

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