Our mission

Center for Internet Excellence (CIE) is a research and innovation unit at the University of Oulu, which combines leading-edge Internet research, innovation processes and new infrastructures. CIE provides a unique environment to combine research and network partners from different fields in a practical setup, where idea creation, observation, measurement and validation is enabled for user-centric innovation and design.
We work across boundaries, i.e. our projects are multi-disciplinary. Our main focus is in technology but closely linked with application development, usability and social science, and business. We drive for the Living Lab approach to obtain user-driven innovations by involving individuals outside the traditional product and service creation professions. This empowers ordinary people to experiment and contribute for the Future Internet.



Top level research and innovations concerning the future and 3D internet technologies, living labs, technology enhanced learning and innovation processes in digital society.

Research execution

Identify relevant research challenges and engage them with high-quality staff and international research cooperation that include internet research centers, communities and industry.


Engage in high-quality international research of Internet related issues and network with national and international research centers and industry.

Research infrastructures

Develop research infrastructures with universities, research institutes and industry to create an internationally visible, multidisciplinary environment of excellence in Internet technologies and services.


Utilize research results and cross-fertilization of ideas as well as innovations between research themes, projects, partners and stakeholders.

Business incubation

Provide input to the development of new business incubation and business development with the target to create new growth.

Education and training

Foster researcher training, scientific degrees and highest education in the field.