Research areas

The multidisciplinary research conducted at CIE is focused on five different areas. Particularly, the focus is on technologies that are related to the applications of 3D, virtual environments and augmented/mixed reality.
The five research areas are:
1. Future Internet
2. Open Source Software Platforms
3. Living Labs
4. Service and Content Technologies, and the related Business Cases
5. Technological Innovations and Smart Societies

Research environment

CIE is a research and innovation unit at the University of Oulu, which combines leading-edge Internet research, innovation processes and new infrastructures, with special focus on emerging 3D technologies. CIE provides unique environment to combine research from different fields and network partners in a practical setup, where idea creation, observation, measurement and validation is enabled for user-centric innovation and design. CIE values include principles of collaboration, openness, and being scientific, social and user-driven.
The role of CIE is to build collaboration over the local partner network, and establish spearhead programs and projects, which will elevate the level of research and innovations. Steering is provided Oulu Innovation Alliance, which is a joint organization of University of Oulu, VTT, University of Applied Sciences, City of Oulu and Technopolis. 3D Internet activities are coordinated with the local partners such as 3D Internet Alliance, which represents a larger interest group of 3D Internet companies. realXtend is a 3D Internet platform technology developed in Oulu, and is coordinated by realXtend association.
The research conducted at CIE is also supported by Oulu Urban Living Labs (OULLABS) that collects several testing services under the same umbrella. In addition, a public wireless Internet connection (panOulu) is freely available for citizens of Oulu and for research purposes.