New research project explores the boundaries of physical and digital worlds

11th of October 2013 | News
The See-Through Environments project is a small strategic opening funded by Tekes. The project is implemented collaboratively by CIE and VTT. At CIE, the project is led by Docent Jonna Häkkilä.
The project visions a future, where the limits of physical reality are overcome by introducing technology solutions, interaction metaphors, applications and services that enable the illusion of see-through materials which make the invisible information visible for human eyes.
The research focuses on the following key research themes:
  • Disappearing walls and physical boundaries of objects,
  • Morphic illuminated spaces which can transform in shape,
  • Ad hoc connected spaces with small projector-sensor modules.
The project includes a strong user centric design aspects. The key technologies in the project used as the underlying technology infrastructure are distributed sensors, small projector modules, and printable electronics.
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