New Director at CIE

4th of November 2009 | News
The new director of Center for Internet Excellence, Heikki Huomo, has a suitable comparison ready when he's asked the importance of internet.
''The effect of Internet can be directly compared to the effect of Gutenberg's printing press, which ended the Middle Ages. What will happen this time?''
Huomo moved to CIE from semiconductor technology, where he has built an impressive and international career over the past 20 years. He has an extensive network, which spans the partners of CIE quite easily. And of course, he has his priorities set: research and developing new businesses.
''By our grand opening in August, we will have several projects running'', says Huomo. ''And with a multi-disciplinary approach to research, our living lab will soon start to show results. The key is to introduce talent to a mixed table: those who know business may not know how top-notch the research is, and vice versa.''