FICHe eHealth accelerator enters final phase with 20 companies

3rd of August 2015 | News
July 2015 - The FICHe eHealth accelerator has announced the 20 companies that will enter the third and final phase of the program.
The final phase will be a 7-month mentorship period and each company will receive up to € 152.000 in working capital.
Timo Haikonen, chairman of the evaluation committee: ”It has been most gratifying to monitor and witness the enthusiasm,
innovation and dedication of the FICHe finalists. Every one of them deserves a credit for their hard work.
May success follow them all.”
Michel van Schaik, member of the evaluation committee adds: “The overall quality of all the participants was very good.
Seeing all these innovations brought to the health sector in one place, proofs there is a lot of potential out there.”
Paul Pelsmaeker, founder of the European FICHe accelerator: “We are all very excited about the outcome of the evaluation.
All twenty selected companies have great potential in the market and that drives the FICHe team and coaches to help them grow in the next 7 months.”
The companies selected for the final phase of FICHe are:
• Px Healthcare (Netherlands), patient experience optimizing oncology outcomes;
• Panatomy (Germany), online smart imaging database;
• NeticTECH (Poland), medVC, remote video/audio consultation tool;
• Medbravo (Spain), finding treatment options based on clinical trial for cancer patients;
• Clinical Graphics (Netherlands), cloud based service for detection of osteoarthritis;
• Andiamo (United Kingdom), 3D body scans collaboration cloud platform;
• Psico Smart Apps (Spain), virtual environments for the treatment of anxiety disorders;
• Scyfer (Netherlands), deep learning platform to detect degenerative brain disease in 3D-MRI;
• Betawerk (Netherlands), IncoSense Smart, smart care service that measures incontinence;
• Tripmedic (Malta), multi-sided platform to match-make international patients to doctors;
• Mind Myths (Ireland); online mindfulness platform;
• OurPath (United Kingdom), 12-week online lifestyle programme to prevent T2D;
• Oviva (Switzerland), remote personal dietitian platform;
• PLUX (Portugal), biofeedback modules for Ara platform;
• Inbiolab (Netherlands). hARMONIC, miniaturized respiratory monitor based on EMG;
• Ideable Solutions (Spain), Kwido, multi-device platform for the care of people;
• NeuroAtHome (Spain), gamified software platform to deliver physical and cognitive therapy;
• HealthApp (Spain), mobile application for the treatment of eating disorders;
• Umanick (Spain), biometric platform for patient identification with HIS/EMR integration;
• MySphera (Spain), tools to offer full transparency of healthcare processes in hospitals.
The twenty companies will be mentored and coached through an intense 7-month period led by the three ecosystems (Amsterdam, Murcia and Oulu) that are part of the project consortium. The FICHe accelerator program will conclude with a demo day in 2016 where all companies will present to investors.
For more information:
Satu Väinämö, FICHe project coordinator, University of Oulu, Finland, satu.vainamo(at)