Developer of Oculus Rift Steve LaValle visited CIE

30th of March 2015 | News
Professor Steven M. LaValle, University of Illinois, USA, visited Oulu and CIE 27th March 2015. LaValle's topic in the seminar held at the University of Oulu was ''From Oulu to Oculus: A Real Tale About Virtual Reality''. Oculus Rift is already available for developers and also soon for consumers. LaValle believes virtual glasses by different manufacturers will be on the market within a year.
LaValle worked with Oculus VR during 2012-2013, while a visiting professor at the University of Oulu. He developed perceptually tuned head tracking methods based on IMUs and computer vision. He also led a team of perceptual psychologists to provide principled approaches to virtual reality system calibration and the design of comfortable user experiences. In addition to his continuing work at Oculus, he is also Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois.