New Celtic+ CONVINcE project focuses on green multimedia communication

18th of August 2014 | News
CONVINcE (Consumption Optimization in Video Networks) is a European-wide EUREKA Celtic Plus research project. The Tekes-funded Finnish consortium includes VTT, University of Oulu, Ericsson, EXFO, Navicron and Teleste. The project timespan is 09/2014-02/2017.
The project addresses the challenge of reducing power consumption of IP-based video networking with an end-to-end approach. The optimizations concern the whole path from the content source to the consuming terminals, embracing the networks between them.
University of Oulu contributes to the project within CIE and CWC research groups. University of Oulu focuses on the energy-efficiency of multimedia sensor networks. The topics include:
  • Energy-efficient multimedia sensing and delivery mechanisms in constrained devices and networks
  • Analysis tools and algorithms for energy-efficient system design
  • Lightweight security solutions
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