2nd Open Ubiquitous City Seminar brings experts of their fields to Oulu

30th of March 2010 | News
The UBI Program, coordinated by MediaTeam Oulu research group, organizes the “2nd Open Ubiquitous City Seminar” on May 31 in Oulu City Library’s Pakkala Hall. Several international experts of ubiquitous computing have been invited as speakers of the seminar.
Professor Anind Dey of Carnegie Mellon University, USA, is interested in human-computer interaction, machine learning and ubiquitous computing. Professor Dey’s seminar speech discusses the topic “Real World Context-Aware Systems”. Professor Marcus Foth of the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, studies the different aspects of human-computer interaction. In the seminar, he will speak about “Urban Informatics and Sustainable Cities”.
Professor Vasillis Kostakos of the University of Madeira, Portugal, is researching urban computing from various aspects. In the seminar, Professor Kostakos speaks about “Urban Social Networks Analysis”. Jürgen Scheible of the Aalto University, Finland, is a researcher, musician and media artist. In his research, he focuses on designing multimodal user interfaces for creating and sharing interactive artistic experiences. Scheible’s speech discusses the topic “Creating and Sharing Artistic Experiences with Ubiquitous Technology”.
Head of Research Zach Shelby of Sensinode Ltd, Finland, is known for his objective to make the Wireless Embedded Internet a reality. Shelby’s topic in the seminar is “IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks”. Professor Mikael Wiberg of Umeå University, Sweden, focuses on different aspects and applications of interaction. In the seminar, Wiberg speaks about “Interactive Textures – rethinking materiality”.
As a conclusion of the seminar, Program Director of the UBI Program, Professor Timo Ojala of the University of Oulu presents the UBI Pilot 2010 field test. UBI Pilot 2010 is a continuum for last summer’s pilot in which the UBI displays with their applications were tested in the city center of Oulu. The UBI Pilot 2010 field test continues to develop Oulu into a genuinely ubiquitous city.