Center for Internet Excellence

CIE is a research and innovation unit at the University of Oulu, which combines leading-edge Internet research, innovation processes and new infrastructures, with special focus on emerging 3D technologies.

Research and Innovation

CIE conducts multidisciplinary research on 3D technologies. We do not only focus on doing technical research and development, but also on how new technology and innovations are deployed and experienced. We thus aim to be genuinely multi-disciplinary, and that is what makes CIE distinctive from many other research organizations.
4th of June 2010

Distinguished Professor Henning Schulzrinne gives a public lecture on Future Internet on June 11

The distinguished Professor Henning Schulzrinne starts his sabbatical by a visit to MediaTeam in June-August 2010. He also gives a public lecture on “Future Internet” in the Infotech Oulu Distinguished Lecture Series on Ubiquitous Technology at 9:00 am on Friday June 11, in lecture hall L10 at the Linnanmaa campus.
24th of May 2010

Reminder: 2nd Open Ubiquitous City Seminar in Oulu on May 31

This high profile seminar features many distinguished international experts addressing various aspects of ubiquitous and urban computing. The seminar is capped with a panel, which gives the audience an ample opportunity to interact with the speakers.
10th of May 2010

Oulu’s SmartTouch project awarded with the ''Contactless Intelligence Monkey''

The city of Oulu with its SmartTouch project has won the Contactless Intelligence Monkey Award in the category “Public Concern”.

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