Center for Internet Excellence

CIE is a research and innovation unit at the University of Oulu, which combines leading-edge Internet research, innovation processes and new infrastructures, with special focus on emerging 3D technologies.

Research and Innovation

CIE conducts multidisciplinary research on 3D technologies. We do not only focus on doing technical research and development, but also on how new technology and innovations are deployed and experienced. We thus aim to be genuinely multi-disciplinary, and that is what makes CIE distinctive from many other research organizations.
28th of December 2009

The Neo Arena project to publish a book in January 2010

The current Neo Arena project will end by the end of 2009. The project will still publish a book “Neo Arena – Näkökulmia digitaalisen median evoluutioon” (Insights to the evolution of digital media). The book discusses the Neo Arena experiences and lessons learnt in the form of articles and will be published mid January 2010
8th of December 2009

Zach Shelby’s Book Release Seminar at CIE

The seminar was organized at CIE (Center for Internet Excellence) premises at the University of Oulu on Tuesday, December 8, 2009.
17th of November 2009

The final result seminar of the UbiLife project

The final result seminar of the UbiLife project was held at the CIE premises in Oulu on November 17, 2009.

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